Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deep Space Travel

Travelling in the depths of space will literally give a whole new meaning to dancing with the stars. In Technology’s Promise, William Halal and others postulate that it may indeed be possible that we will see deep space exploration near the middle of the 21st century. One can only hope these days, but with the recent gutting of the U.S. space programs out of fear and mismanagement of the federal government, the possibility of even getting to Mars by then seems doubtful. The short shortsightedness and selfishness of those we have put into high office has done almost irreparable harm to once lofty aspirations.

Much work and research will be required to realize the means to propel mankind where no one has gone before. People here on Earth will have to settle down and get along much better in order for such an expensive enterprise can even begin to prosper. It appears that we are in the midst of a bust or boom phase of human development. At the moment, uncertainty is in the driver’s seat with confidence riding in the back of the bus, heading for a canyon cliff. It is time to toss the old baggage (i.e. Legislators and the like) off the bus so that it can make the leap across to the other side with some leadership that has integrity, fortitude and foresight.

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